1004-Instructor Training Orientation (Web-Based) - 11/7/2022 (Web-Based)

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Full Description
Who Should Register
All school directors, instructors and evaluators who will be participating (teaching/evaluating) in the offering of the General Instructor Training course under the auspices of the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission.

Course Goal:
To prepare certified instructors to deliver blocks of instruction and evaluate student performance in the Instructor Training Course.

Course Objectives
The student will be able to:
- Identify each entity that: formulates the changes to and approval of the Instructor Training lesson plans; is responsible for the production of the Instructor Training lesson plans; is the certification authority of criminal justice instructors in North Carolina.
-Given ten (10) reference sources of different types, properly cite each in writing with one hundred percent (100%) accuracy according to the specifications of the Instructor Training Revision Committee.
-Identify in writing, the time parameters that an instructor must adhere to during the final presentation of the prepared lesson plan along with the scoring parameters of both the presentation and the prepared lesson plan.
-Complete the appropriate evaluation forms and provide written critiques pertaining to the:
            -the eight-minute (8) lesson plan introduction;
            -the first and second thirty-five (35) minute lesson plan presentations;
           -the first submission of the complete seventy (70) minute lesson plan.

Course Requirements
The student is required to evaluate all the instructor candidate presentations, in their entirety, which are presented during an instructor training program.  The student is required to evaluate two instructor candidates prepared lesson plans.  In order to successfully complete this course the student  is required to: submit all assignments by the prescribed deadlines; score with 80% accuracy or above on the second evaluation of the written lesson plan; and obtain 75% or above on the course post-test.

This course is taught completely online. The course will utilize online streaming video, e-mail and fax technologies to facilitate the learning process. The course is instructor-led, but completely asynchronous.
Training Dates
11/07/2022 - 12/16/2022
Individuals attending this course are required to submit, from a certified School Director, a signed letter that you will be teaching or evaluating in a Commission approved General Instructor Training Course.
Individuals attending this course are required to submit a current instructor certification.
Registration Dates
02/10/2022 - 10/31/2022
Available Seats
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Training Location
Reporting Instructions
Special Concerns
1. In order for you to register for this course, we must receive from a School Director for Instructor
Training a written confirmation that you will be teaching or evaluating for them in a Commission approved  Instructor Training Course. This confirmation must be given in the form of a letter signed by a certified School Director. Along with this letter, you must submit a copy of your current general instructor certification.  Both items must be submitted as an attachment to your portal application at the time you submit your request for enrollment.

2. Students must have access to the Internet, an e-mail account and access to a scanner. This course relies heavily on the use of streaming video – high-speed Internet access is highly recommended.
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