1005-Budgeting for Police Managers (Web-Based) - 8/1/2022 (Web-Based)

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Who Should Register:
This course is intended primarily for police managers who are responsible for budget preparation in their department who desire to enhance their budget preparation skills. Individuals aspiring to become future managers responsible for police budgets may wish to enroll as well.

Course Goals:
This course focuses on developing the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively plan, develop and execute a police budget.  

Course Objectives:
Upon course completion, the student will be able to:
- Define the term budget. Develop the skills necessary to design a strategic plan.
- List and explain the five steps of the budget process.
- Develop a police budget.
- Explain the procedure for determining manpower needs for a police agency.
- List the five components that make up the Crime Measurement Index (CMI).
- Given sufficient data, determine the Crime Measurement Index for certain jurisdictions.
- Given proper information, each student will determine the Relief Factor for police agencies.

This is a seven-week course which employs web-based instruction, testing and written exercises.
Training Dates
08/01/2022 - 09/19/2022
I affirm that I am familiar with the use of Microsoft Excel and have at least a basic understanding of the use of spreadsheet formulas and functions.
Registration Dates
10/25/2021 - 07/27/2022
Available Seats
52h 0m
None Specified
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Resources Required
Students should be familiar with Microsoft Excel basics, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint software applications.
Reporting Instructions
All course material supplied online
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